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I Will Never Go "Linsane"

Jul 18, 2012 -- 1:23pm

I Will Never Go “Linsane”


Hello all, back from vacation.  It was an awesome trip to Seattle, one of America’s great cities.  I recommend you go if you have the opportunity. 


1.            Jeremy Lin to the Rockets is a puzzler to me.  He’s an exciting player, with some good intangibles.  But he got $25 million dollars for 2 great months.  More power to him, I suppose.  But I think this is not the move Houstonians were hoping for.  I hope it pays off.  That city deserves to see a winner again. But should they go Linsane?  We’ll see.  I know they are hoping for the man in the cape.  (That’s Dwight Howard, he thinks he’s Superman)

2.            RG3 got PAID.  4 years $21 million all guaranteed.  I think he’s already worth the 1st year’s pay for the excitement he’s brought to D.C.  It was funny that there was a delay because of “offset language” in the deal.  That meant that if he didn’t make it through all 4 years of the deal, the Redskins could pay him less.  I can see both sides here and it is an issue that has slowed the signing of about 30 players.  But it speaks to a larger issue.  The NFL is colluding against players.  We saw it in the salary cap case against the Cowboys and Redskins.  Roger Goodell has seemingly unlimited power.  Is it weird to anyone else?  It is to me.

3.            Josh Gordon, former Baylor WR, was picked in the 2nd round of the supplemental draft by the Browns.  He just got 4 years and $3.8 million guaranteed.  Pretty good for a dude who didn’t run one single route last year.  I think it’s a good gamble for the Browns.  But Gordon needs to keep his head on straight. 

4.            Dear Tiger Woods, please win the British.  Please.  It would make me so happy.  Dear Tiger Woods Haters, I don’t care what you think.  I still like him. 

5.            3  Quick Movie Reviews: Ted-Hilarious.  The Amazing Spider-Man-Awesome.  Great new take on the character.  Savages-Eh.  That’s all it gets.  Eh. 

6.            The Dark Knight Rises comes out in 2 days.  If you are not excited by that, I am not sure we could be friends.  Plus you live in a hole.  Thus making it hard for any relationships to blossom. 

7.            Has anyone else gotten hooked on The Newsroom?  I have.  But I am not sure if I love it or just like it a lot.  I am such a TV commitment-phobe.

8.            I’ll rank pitchers who could help contending clubs in MLB in this order: Cole Hamels, Matt Garza, Zach Grienke, Ryan Dempster.  Hamels is the jewel and Grienke would be a good get.  But Matt Garza, even though his stats don’t reflect it now, is a postseason bulldog.  Any team in contention would be happy to have him.  He turns it up to 11 in October. 

9.            Dez Bryant needs to grow up.  I hate to say this, because I would love to see him flourish as a Cowboy, but for his own sake his NFL career needs to be away from his hometown.  He doesn’t need to be around his family if they cause him to make bad decisions.  No matter what his mother did in the past, it doesn’t excuse what he did.  He needs to move far away from Dallas if he doesn’t want to be a bust.  But I am afraid it will take another colossal screw up for Jerry Jones to pull the trigger.  It’s a sad situation that we see all too often.

10.        A good friend of mine from back in my Tallahassee days, Roy Wood Jr. is one of the stars of the new TBS sitcom Sullivan & Son.  He’s a very funny guy and I owe a lot to him because he gave me my first real stand up gig back in 2000.  Check out his website roywoodjr.com.  He may be coming to a town near you.  Check out Sullivan & Son on TBS on Thursday July 19. Follow him on Twitter @roywoodjr.


Thank you.  That is all. 

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