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Fantasy Realties Through Week 2.

Sep 19, 2012 -- 12:45pm

·      RG3 is the real deal. He has a real shot to lead the QB position in points this year. I applaud those of you who took the chance on him.

·      AP might not be 100% yet, but he is back and effective. Play him just as you would a first round RB.

·      Cam might be slowed down after teams now have tape on him, but he still can’t be stopped. He’ll end up with a Top 5 QB finish again.

·      Chris Johnson is killing a lot of people out there, and it doesn’t look to get any better anytime soon. I won’t ever blame you for playing him, but I would suggest benching him until he returns to form. If he ever does.

·      A guy in one of my leagues started the year with absolutely horrible RBs, James Starks and Donald Brown, but he just happened to grab CJ Spiller with one of his mid round picks. Steal of the year. Look for CJ to carry the load even when Fred Jackson returns. He is fresh and looks unstoppable.

·      Another guy that has surprised some folks this year is Reggie Bush, who had a monster game against the Raiders last week. The Raiders by the way are the worst tackling team in the league right now. I just don’t think Reggie can keep this current pace up, but he is safe to start on a weekly basis as a RB2 for the time being.

·      The Raiders make me sick. Hue Jackson had them so close to the playoffs, McFadden was running through everyone and Carson was connecting deep. A coaching change leaves DMC with a 2.0 yards per carry average and Carson is a bad fit for the new short pass offense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Raiders are picking first in April next year.

·      Shonn Greene is bad.

·      The Chiefs back field is still a mystery. Jamaal Charles hasn’t looked 100% and the Chiefs defense has gotten burned too quickly for the Chiefs to continue with the ground game. I avoided this situation at drafttime and I’m glad I did.

·      The Seahawks have a top-3 defense in the league. Seriously, I’m starting to bench players who have that match up.

·      Arian Foster is a slam dunk. Don’t ever bench him. Ever.

·      Kevin Kolb doesn’t like throwing the ball to Larry Fitzgerald. It’s weird. But you can’t argue with 2-0.

·      The Rams look energized this year, with a surprisingly talented defense.

·      The NFL is still largely unpredictable, and I love it. So do you.

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