Back from Tallahassee and I have things to say

Sep 24, 2012 -- 11:56am


Some quick thoughts:

1.      Art Briles is a very good coach in close games.  I am sure it has a lot to do with the fact he knows he can move down the field and score in a flash no matter what.  The Mountaineers will be a tough test this week.  If Baylor rolls out of Morgantown with what would be a big upset win (anytime anyone wins there, I consider it an upset) the nation will take notice and expectations will rise.

2.     ULM Head Coach Todd Berry told us something last week that I never thought of.  In the past, so called upsets happened a lot because you knew that everyone ran similar systems.  And for the most part he is right, there were about 5 offensive philosophies until guys like Mike Leach and Chip Kelly hit the scene.  So upsets happen now because of that.  It’s tough for players to prepare because you could have 12 different schemes to run through. 

3.     The Cowboys Offensive Line is just that…offensive.  Tony Romo is better than he has ever been, and if things don’t tighten up, no one will ever know.  How he got up from that shot this week, I’ll never know. 

4.     I think FSU is back.  Finally.  USF will come ready and fired up, but the Noles haven’t had this much momentum in a long time.  A big win against a very good opponent.  I was in Tallahassee for the game this week and saw something from the 90s.  No, not just my old college friends and a Hootie and the Blowfish CD, but FSU playing confident football.  I did not however get to meet Burt Reynolds.  So that lifelong dream will have to wait another year.  It’s a good thing though, since my “Evening Shade” box set is on back order.  But one day.  One day. 

5.     Oklahoma can’t seem to get out their own way.  If it’s not one thing it’s another.  Bob Stoops is an unbelievable coach, he is.  But things just seem to not go exactly the Sooners way lately.  I have no idea why.

6.     Replacement refs, I am behind you.  You are in an impossible situation.  But you can stop the cycle of the over aggressive “chippyness” going on.  Start throwing flags and start kicking people out.  If it affects a playoff run for a team, so what.  Start standing your ground and you will earn the players respect.

7.     Rangers can put the A’s out of the race this week.  And that should be their goal.  It will be tough.  No one is going quietly as we saw all over MLB this week.  I love September baseball.  (And yes, I am pretending as if the Red Sox don’t exist right now.  It’s been a tough time.  For all of us.  We are working through it.

8.     I have 2 nephews, Luke, 6, and Leo, 3.  I am attempting to make them FSU fans through wardrobe osmosis.  I went a touch overboard on the gear for them this week.  I also got Woodrow, my dog, a Seminoles collar.  One weekend in Tallahassee and my journalistic, try not to be a homer sensibility is thrown in a wood chipper. 

9.     New TV seasons starting up.  I like Matthew Perry’s new show Go On.  He’s a sports radio talk show host in it.  That’s probably why I started watching it.  Also, Boardwalk Empire is back.  Hoping for a strong finish for the Office and 30 Rock this year.

10.   Random animal of the week: The Marmoset.  I mean just look at them. 

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