The Replacement Refs Have to Go. That Doesn't Mean the Real Refs are Infallible.

Sep 25, 2012 -- 1:35pm

It's a mad world in the NFL today after last night's blown call in the Seattle-Green Bay game.  Green Bay got hosed.  Jobbed.  Screwed,  Worse,  Whatever you want to say.  That's all true.  You can say the regular refs would not have made that call.  Also probably true.  The issue is that the replacement refs are out of their depths.  You know.  I know it.  Every player, coach and water boy in the league knows it.  Roger Goodell knows it.  The owners know it.  But that's not the party line.  This madness sporuts that kind of thing.  But the bottom line is, both sides are a little bit right and both are a little bit wrong.  Everyone talks about Ed Hochuli and how he wouldn't have let this happen.  Lest we forget that he blew a huge one in Denver a few years back.  

The regular officials need to admit to themselves that they weren't exactly setting the world on fire.  Ask Seattle fans about them.  They feel the refs gifted the Steelers a Super Bowl.  They weren't terrible.  But they weren't perfect.  And no expectes them to be.  The NFL needs to admit that not just any football referee can do this job.  There is a pace, a speed, and an attitude that the replacements just don't have.  It's about money.  It always is.  And the NFL is really good about pushing these negotiations back to the point where they become dire.  

Last night's gaffe means one thing and one thing only for both sides.  Get back to the table.  Get it worked out.  Stop this craziness.  But let's not forget that NFL refs were a punching bag before this.  And after a few weeks back, they will be again.  

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