Week 5 Fantasy Update

Oct 08, 2012 -- 2:39pm

Fantasy Update.

  • Brian Hartline has set the NFL on fire. Kinda. He’s worth owning after leading the league in yards through 4 weeks, but expecting TD’s might be asking a bit much.
  • The St.Louis Rams might have improved in real life, but in fantasy, with Amendola now hurt, the only player worth playing right now is the Ram D. Steven Jackson should come around at some point though. Right?
  • The Cardinal backfield is a mess. First Beanie and now Ryan Williams out. Pre-season rushing leader William Powell is now staring at opportunity and if you are hurting at RB, you should take a chance.
  • Jamaal Charles is alive and kicking, even if his team sucks. Matt Cassel getting hurt might have been the best thing that ever happened for the Chiefs. The Golden boy, Brady Quinn took the reins this week and looks to hold them for the rest of the year.
  • If you drafted AP as he slipped down the boards, give yourself a high five. Except don’t. That’s dumb.
  • Victor Cruz is now a top-3 fantasy WR.
  • Michael Vick, please, just hold onto the ball.
  • Rashard Mendenhall looked great coming back from injury. Scoop him up if he hasn’t been already.
  • RG3 and Andrew Luck are both now legitimate fantasy starts every week. Reggie Wayne is currently experiencing the best year of his career.
  • Speaking of revitalized careers, Tony Gonzales is the #1 fantasy TE through 5 weeks. I did not see that coming.
  • Cam Newton is going through a HUGE sophomore slump.
  • Chris Johnson might be the most hated man in fantasy. There is just no effort in his game.
  • Even if Peyton Manning isn’t winning every game, he is still a top 5 fantasy QB.
  • The current Buffalo Bill’s backfield is the most confusing thing I have ever experienced. I would continue to start CJ Spiller.


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