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Oct 24, 2012 -- 2:39pm

Kuddos to the man who make the sneaky low ball trade for Chris Johnson. While I won’t say that he is “back” now, his production sure looks good.

I will however say that AP is back. He’s 100% and can now be counted on as a weekly top 5, maybe even top 3 back. Look for his TD numbers to increase over the weeks.

Outside of Larry Fitzgerald, the Cardinal’s offense holds no one worth playing on any kind of regular basis. It’s bad. LSH had a good game last week, but honestly, he’s like 5’7” 170. You can’t count on that production to last. If the bye weeks are killing you, then by all means take a chance, but accept the possibility of a huge letdown.

Steven Jackson scored a TD. That’s pretty big news. But honestly, with the Rams splitting carries between their two dreadlock draped runners, the most production from their offense is from Greg Zuerlein. The kicker, nick named “Legatron”, has already booted five 50 yarders.

The Bill’s RB situation baffles me. But both CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson produce. So continue to play them both as RB2s.

The Lions are bad. Matthew Stafford’s mechanics are making high school coaches vomit, nationwide. Until he gets it together, the Lions will continue to lose. On a side note, Mikel Leshoure looks pretty good. Scoop him up for cheap if you can.

The Raiders we’re advancing as a team after hiring Hue Jackson last year and finishing the year at 8-8. Too bad they canned him and hired a coach that is currently failing at fitting his team into his schemes, instead of building the game plans around his players. This has been disastrous for DMC, and the only player who has had any sort of stability has been Denarius Moore.

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