10 Things That Bother Me

Nov 27, 2012 -- 8:59pm


10 Things That Bother Me

1.     Online Petitions for meaningless things.  This gem popped up today.  Jerry Jones is not going anywhere.  Nor can the President do anything about it.  I suggest that if you want to both laugh and cry go the the White House Petitions page.  People will put up anything. 

2.     Nugget Kicking.  Come on Ndamukong Suh.  This was not cool.  Look, I think dirty play is dirty play and has no place in the game.  But kicking another dude in the junk?  Reckless.  And totally against guy code.  Not cool bro.  Not Cool.

3.     TV Singing Competitions.  Are we really that devoid of singers that we need to have one of these on every network?  And who follows all these people?  None of it makes any sense to me.  And what happened to Christina Aguilera?   I can’t fathom how this was once this

4.     Nick Saban.  Great coach.  No doubt.  He is at the top of the game right now.  But he did utter these words this week:  "It's not really a great scenario," Saban said on Sunday. "You play your way into the [SEC] championship outright, but it is what it is. I don't really know what me commenting about it is going to do to change it. But I don't feel good about it."    Oh really Nick?  Really?  You got in the BCS title game last year and didn’t play in the SEC title game either.  The rules are clearly working to your advantage.  Shut up and ride the wave.

5.     My year as a sports fan.  FSU-probably in the Orange Bowl, but not all the way back.  Boston Red Sox-dumpster fire.  Dallas Cowboys.  What can you say about the Cowboys that hasn’t already been said about athlete’s foot?  There’s always next year, right Cubs fans?

6.     Superfans.  Fireman Ed hung up his helmet this week.  I for one won’t miss him.  Fans make working in sports both enjoyable and annoying.  These guys always seem to bother me.  It’s just too much.  Dial it back 10% and I’ll think you are interesting. 

7.     Justin Bieber.  How could you not be?  Seriously?  This guy.  Jenny McCarthy kisses you and you wipe it off? 

8.     Bad news about food.  Bacon shortage?  Hostess is extinct?  Soda bans?  The world is changing.  Maybe this is all good for our waistlines, but still.  I can’t help but be a little bit sad.  Wither Twinkies?

9.     The Steroid Debate.  It’s never going away.  Ever.  And we are about to jump it up with the Hall of Fame ballots this year.  I say put them all in.  Especially Barry Bonds.  But I don’t have a vote.  Sorry guys. 

10.              Giant Moths.  This beauty was outside my house the other day.  I thought it was a bat at first.  I am not afraid of bugs, but this one had me spooked.  If you are some sort of paleo-enotomoligist, I may have a find for you that will make you the rage of the academic circuit.  Drop me a line.  We’ll talk.


Thanks for indulging my rant.  I’ll post things that don’t bother me soon.  


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