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Jan 31, 2013 -- 8:00am


Super Blog

We have been here for a few days now.  New Orleans is amazing.  The Media party on Tuesday was second to none.  50 restaurants and bars had their samples for us to taste.  The Crescent City has raised cooking to an art form.  I had Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding.  Yes.  It exists.  And yes, it was magical.  Also, if you’ve never had charbroiled oysters from Drago’s, you are missing one of the great experiences in life.  Acme Oyster House has a shrimp and lima bean soup that made me cry tears of joy.  Here are my non-food related thoughts.


1.      Deer antler spray?  Good work on the story by SI, but nothing will come of this.  So why should I care?  The NFL will do nothing to Ray Lewis.  Not one thing.  So it doesn’t matter. 

2.     Katherine Webb has gotten 2 TV jobs so far because Brent Musberger ogled her on air.  Stop the fake outrage.  She’s not mad about it, so you shouldn’t be.  She’s here working for Inside Edition. 

3.     Nelson Cruz’s connection to a Miami area steroid distillery doesn’t surprise me.  You know why?  Because nothing does anymore.  Nothing.  Plus he went from being on waivers to being one of the most powerful hitters in the league.  What has history taught us about guys like that?  If he is out for 50 games, that’s a huge hole in the lineup for the Rangers.  The offseason of disappointment continues.  ARod’s involvement also surprises no one.  It will be interesting to see if the Yankees can get out from under his contract.  It would be a shrewd move if they did.  I think that is unlikely, but you never know.

4.     I met Troy Landry from Swamp People.  Hilarious dude.  Fun interview.  And I held a live gator.  It was a bizarre experience.

5.     If I found a sports magic lamp, I would ask the sports genie inside for this.  Please make this weird Manti Te’O story reach its end.   Dr. Phil is involved.  This has gone too far.

6.     Ray Lewis is not alone in thinking that God has ordained that the Ravens will win.  Nearly 1 in 3 Americans think the same way.  Maybe he does.  I don’t personally think so.  But omnipotence is a funny thing. 

7.     New Orleans knows how to welcome the masses.  This has been great.  More to come. By the way.  Here is a picture of me and Dan Akroyd.  Ray Stanz in the flesh.  

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